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Distribution of NADPH-Diaphorase-Positive Neurons in the Mouse Brain: Differences from Previous Findings in the Rat Brain and Comparison with the Distribution of Serotonergic Neurons
Hiroko MatsushitaYoshihiro TakeuchiMitsuhiro KawataTadashi Sawada
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2001 年 34 巻 4 号 p. 235-257


The distribution of nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide phosphate-diaphorase (NADPH-d) enzyme-containing neurons in the mouse brain was studied and a schematic map of the entire mouse brain was obtained. NADPH-d-positive cell bodies and fibers were detected in almost all brain regions, while the neurons varied in form and staining pattern, and the fibers in density, shape and staining pattern. Significant differences in the localization of NADPH-d-positive neurons were detected and compared to the results of previous studies in rats, in such areas as the lateral globus pallidus, the red nucleus, the locus coeruleus and the principal sensory trigeminal nucleus. Possible causes for the differences between NADPH-d staining in rat and mouse are discussed. Similar to serotonin (5-hydroxytryptamine, 5-HT) fibers, as NADPH-d-positive neurons were found in almost all areas of the brain suggesting the existence of some interaction between NADPH-d-positive neurons and 5-HT neurons. Therefore, the distributions of NADPH-d-positive neurons and 5-HT neurons were compared. To elucidate the relationship between NADPH-d-positive neurons and 5-HT neurons, we analyzed histochemical changes in NADPH-d-positive neurons after injection of 5,7-dihydroxytryptamine (5,7-DHT), a 5-HT neurotoxin, into the lateral ventricle of the mouse brain. Changes in NADPH-d-positive neurons were found in the medial septal nucleus, the diagonal band of Broca, and the dorsal raphe nucleus after injection. The observations suggest a potential relationship between NADPH-d-positive neurons and 5-HT neurons.

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