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Vol. 75 (2010) No. 647 P 271-278



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In this study,we treated the history of earthquake damage of the east pagoda in the Yakushi-ji temple, built about 1300 years ago.We estimated the peak ground acceleration at the Yakushi-ji temple of historical earthquakes which have damaged this building, and compare this result with old documents about earthquake damage of this building. The east pagoda has damaged several times not only by crustal earthquakes with short source distance, but also by inter-plate earthquakes with long source distance, and especially Shin-hashira, which is pillar built in the center of this pagoda, was damaged frequently.
We examined about the damage by Ansei Nara earthquake (1854) and the restoration by reading the diary written by secretary of the Yakushi-ji temple.At this earthquake,Shin-hashira as well as the upper story of this pagoda inclined due to the lack of maintenance.

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