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Analytical Sciences
Vol. 17 (2001) No. 1 P 175-180



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In this work, tungsten coil (W-Coil) devices are used as atomizers for electrothermal atomization atomic absorption spectrometry (ETAAS), electrothermal atomization laser excited atomic fluorescence spectrometry (ETA-LEAFS), and electrothermal vaporization inductively coupled plasma atomic emission spectrometry (ETV-ICP-AES). For most cases in ETAAS and ETA-LEAFS, limits of detection (LODs) using the W-Coil are within a factor of ten of those observed with commercial graphite furnace systems. LOD for Cd by W-Coil AAS is 10 pg, while LODs for As, Se, Cr, Sb and Pb by W-Coil LEAFS are 950, 320, 1400, 330, and 160 fg, respectively. The compact W-Coil device makes it an ideal atomizer for portable atomic spectrometry instrumentation, especially when coupled with a miniature charge coupled device spectrometer. Alternatively, the atomizer can be used as an inexpensive, modular add-on to an existing commercial ICP-AES system; and the thermal separation of Pb with interference elements Al, Mn, and Fe is demonstrated.

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