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Complexation Properties of the Chelating Resin Functionalized with Iminodiacetic Acid. Application to Column Separation of Molybdenum and Tungsten
Mohammed H. H. MAHMOUDMasatoshi KANESATOToshiro YOKOYAMAToshishige M. SUZUK
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1994 Volume 10 Issue 6 Pages 929-933


A chelating polymer resin having iminodiacetic acid (IDA) as the functional group has been prepared for the selective adsorption of oxo-molybdenum(VI) or oxo-tungsten(VI). The13C- and1H-NMR spectra of these IDA complexes have been studied in the pH range of 4-7 to elucidate the complexation properties of the functional group. The NMR study in the homogeneous system suggests that the IDA forms a 1:1 complex with MoVIand WVIin the pH region 4-7. The peak integration of coordinated acetate signals indicates that the complex formation of IDA is much favorable with MoVI than with WVI. A selective adsorption of MoVIover WVIhas been realized by the chelating resin having an IDA group. A mutual separation of MoVIand WVIhas been demonstrated by the IDA resin in a column system.

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