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Analytical Sciences: X-ray Structure Analysis Online
Vol. 22 (2006) P x149-x150



Part 7

The title complexes, [Ag(ca2en)(PPh3)]X (1: X = PF6, 2: X = BF4), ca2en = N,N′-bis(trans-cinnamaldehyde)-1,2-diiminoethane, were synthesized and characterized. The structure determination of silver(I) complexes, by X-ray crystallography, showed that the ca2en ligand is coordinated as a bidentate N,N donor, forming a five-member chelate ring with a bite angle of 75.80(1)° for 1 and 76.9(2)° for 2. The structures contain cationic moieties of silver(I) ions (in a distorted trigonal planer) and hexafluorophosphate or tetrafluoroborate anions. The ca2en ligand adopts a Z,Z configuration.

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