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Acta Phytotaxonomica et Geobotanica
Vol. 67 (2016) No. 3 p. 199-203



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We report four examples of morphological variation in the species of Cephalanthera (Orchidaceae) in Japan. We recognized a new peloric form, C. subaphylla Miyabe & Kudo f. conformis Hiros. Hayak. The new form has a tepal-like lip morphology. We also report variegation mutants of C. erecta (Thunb.) Blume var. erecta, which are albino-like in appearance. The above-ground parts of the mutants were withered at the immature seed stage during the end of June. We also observed variegated individuals of C. falcata (Thunb.) Blume f. falcata and C. falcata f. albescens S. Kobay. Finally, we discovered individuals of C. falcata f. falcata with a malformed flower at the top of an inflorescence with normal flowers in other parts of the same inflorescence from two localities.

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