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Willingness to Move to and from Rusunawa: Looking from the Perspective of both Prospective and Existing Residents of Rusunawa in Tangerang City, Greater Jakarta
Alpraditia MALIK
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2021 年 2 巻 論文ID: 2.0_32


In Tangerang City, as an effect of urban expansion, the emergence of slum settlements and the size of the housing backlog has increased. In order to mitigate this, the local government has developed subsidized apartments known as Rusunawa and expects the slum residents to move there. Housing relocation mainly consists of three determinant factors; housing satisfaction, willingness to move, and the event of the actual move itself. The objective of this study is to fill the gap between willingness to move and actually moving by exploring how far the effect of housing satisfaction, along with other sets of variables from physical and social attributes, can predict the willingness to move and the actual move from the perspective of the slum residents as the prospective relocators and the existing residents of the Rusunawa.

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