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Asian Journal of Occupational Therapy
Vol. 11 (2016) No. 1 p. 43-52




This study examined differences of the visual axis and pupil diameter between unassisted eating and robot-assisted eating in 12 healthy subjects. A digital video camera and an eye tracker were used for synchronous measurements. Subjects carried cereal with a spoon or a meal support robot. The upper extremity position at which the visual axis was removed from food was designated as the critical visual point (CVP). Pupil diameter and CVP were used as an index. The results showed a CVP in unassisted eating; the visual axis was centered on the food from the start of the motion while eating to the CVP. However, the results for assisted eating showed no CVP, and the visual axis was located on the food during eating. These findings suggest that a subject with no somatosensory information depends solely on visual information, and identifies distance from the spoon to the mouth by visual information in robot-assisted eating.

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