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Survey report on the current activity of research and education of anthropology by the members of the Anthropological Society of Nippon in 2021
Takumi TsutayaHiroshi IchiishiMasato NakatsukasaAkiko Matsumoto-OdaJuichi YamagiwaShoji Kawamura
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2022 Volume 130 Issue 1 Pages 85-96


The situation surrounding academic societies and research in Japan is getting more severe recently. We conducted a web-based survey for the members of the Anthropological Society of Nippon during August and September 2021 to obtain basic data for appropriately dealing with such a situation. Twenty-three percent of the members (n = 123) responded to a questionnaire on (1) the situation of research and educational activities by their position, (2) awareness of and application for the Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (KAKENHI) subdivision “Physical Anthropology,” (3) involvement of the review of KAKENHI, and (4) ways to bottom-up physical anthropology. The results suggest that tenured faculties lack sufficient time to engage in research and educational activities, that non-tenured members (e.g. postdocs, tenure-track, and adjunct lecturers) tend to have difficulties in access to facilities and fields and obtaining the understanding of their organizations for their research, and that students have difficulty in maintaining their motivation for research. Although 75% of the respondents answered that the existence of “Physical Anthropology” as a subcategory of KAKENHI is preferable, 34% of the respondents had applied to the subcategory as a principal investigator within the past five years. Although respondents were sincere and cooperative to the review of KAKENHI, more than half of them (53%) thought that the review system needs to be improved. The largest percentage of respondents (46%) chose collaboration with related societies and support for young researchers as the desirable ways to support the discipline of physical anthropology in Japan.

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