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A new species of Larinia (Araneae: Araneidae) from Thailand
Akio TanikawaBooppa Petcharad
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2021 Volume 70 Issue 1 Pages 11-16


A new species of Larinia is described under the name Larinia joei n. sp., using specimens collected from Pathum Thani, Thailand. The characteristic feature of L. joei n. sp. is the male palp with subterminal apophysis II. Although Larinia atomaria (O.P.-Cambridge 1876), L. dufouri (Simon 1847), and L. hewitti (Lessert 1930) also have this structure, the median apophysis of the two former species has two projections whereas that in L. joei n. sp. has one, and the embolus is rounded in L. hewitti but straight in L. joei n. sp. The pairing of male and female specimens of L. joei n. sp. was confirmed by DNA barcoding using mt-COI partial sequencing data.

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