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In-service Training for Elementary EFL Teachers in Korea: Expanding Horizons Through Movies
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2017 Volume 22 Pages 17-


Based on opinions from specialist EFL elementary school teachers in Korea, this study investigates the success of in-service English teacher training programs and potential challenges for future programs. Data was collected through a series of qualitative interviews with a number of teachers of English who had participated in a range of in-service training programs. It was found that, in the main, the teachers are satisfied with the broad range of training that is currently on offer. In particular, flexibility, trainer quality, and teacher proficiency were frequently seen as positive aspects of the present in-service training programs. On the other hand, the teachers felt the programs could be improved if the links between theory and practice were made clearer. The study offers a number of recommendations for future in-service training, including the use of films, both in the program and the classroom.

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