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Pragmatic Instruction Based on Noticing Hypothesis Through Comparison of Movie Scenes
Mariko BOKU
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Volume 9 (2004) Pages 45-58

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The purpose of this paper is to present an example of pragmatic instruction which focuses on learners' internal comprehension process by comparing movie scenes. Although there is a heated controversy over explicit vs. implicit instruction in grammar lesson, a more cognitive based approach has recently drawn attention. Pragmatic instruction, on the other hand, still focuses on a socio-pragmatic rather than cognitive approach. Since pragmatic competence is not easy for EFL learners to acquire at the level of ultimate attainment, a cognitive based approach such as one based on Noticing Hypothesis should be adopted in formal instruction. By doing so, more balanced instruction, in terms of bottom-up and top-down processing can be done and it will encourage learners to activate their own cognitive strategies, thus promoting their pragmatic competence.

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