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A Further Look at the Effect of Typeface Selection and EFL Reading Speed and Accuracy
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2023 Volume 28 Pages 3-16


In a study conducted by Shewack (2020), results suggested that font choice among the two major typeface categories (Serif and Sans Serif) had little effect on Japanese EFL students' reading speed on printed media but affected reading speeds on digital media. However, the study found that font selection seemed to have an effect on reading accuracy in both printed and digital media. This paper presents the findings of a follow-up study which was conducted to further examine the validity of the results of Shewack (2020) as well as address concerns which may have produced data which does not provide an accurate correlation between typeface and reading speed and accuracy. Thus, the results of this study show that reading speed decreases for sans serif font versus serif font on printed media, and that reading speed decreases for serif font versus sans serif font on computer screens. Therefore, it may be the case that the data elicited by the reading passages and questions in this follow-up study is more representative of typeface characteristics and their effect on the reader in terms of reading speed and accuracy as proposed by typologists.

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