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1988 年 31 巻 6 号 p. 755-762


The purpose of this study was to provide the methodology how to use speech discrimination test (57-words list by Japan Audiological Society), and its usefulness for the fitting of hearing aids was evaluated. Speech discrimination score of 163 sensorineural hearing-impaired patients with/without hearing aids were mesured by means of speaker methods, and the results were analysed. The results were 1) When speech discrimination score with hearing aids is 10% lower than the score obtained without hearing aids, it is considered that the patient requires refitting of the hearing aids. 2) The improvement of consonants by hearing aids was varified according to the degree of discrimination score without hearing aid in the hearing-impaired. It is possible to predict that the consonant and vowel can be improved by fitting hearing aids after the speech discrimination score of respective subjects is evaluated. 3) Credibility of speech discrimination score without hearing aids increases if this is measured again and compaired with discrimination score with hearing aids obtained 2 months after the initial discrimination score of tained without hearing aids.
From this study, it was found that upon comparative measurement of speech discrimination score with/without hearing aids of individual cases, the use of speech discrimination test is usefull for considering the adaptability of hearing aids.

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