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Pure Tone Hearing Level in People 75 Years or More
Noriyuki YanagitaTsutomu NakashimaJun KusakariZenya ItoGinichiro IchikawaTakuya YamakawaMinoru ToriyamaMakito OkamotoShigeru InafukuHaruo SaitoHiromi Soejima
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1996 Volume 39 Issue 6 Pages 722-727


In Japan, the elderly population is increasing and age-related hearing loss is becoming more important problem. To cope with this situation, further study is necessary, such as more effective preventive method against presbycusis, more suitable rehabilitation with hearing aids, and so on. Investigation of present status of age-related hearing loss is the first step for this purpose. The Hearing Research Group (fiscal year 1993-1995), which belongs to the Research Project on Aging and Health in the Ministry of Health and Welfare of Japan, investigated the present status of age-related hearing loss of people 75 years or more. Pure tone audiometry performed in 77 males and 88 females revealed that age-related hearing loss tended to be more progressive at higher frequencies. The average and distribution of hearing level at six frequencies were reported in various age groups.

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