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γ-Mangostin from Garcinia Mangostana Pericarps as a Dual Agonist That Activates Both PPARα and PPARδ
Nobuyasu MATSUURAKanae GAMOHiroyuki MIYACHIMunekazu IINUMATeruo KAWADANobuyuki TAKAHASHIYukihiro AKAOHideki TOSA
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2013 Volume 77 Issue 12 Pages 2430-2435


We tested the peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor (PPAR)δ agonistic activity of a Garcinia mangostana pericarp extract to develop a treatment for the metabolic syndrome, and demonstrated γ-mangostin to be an active compound on the basis of a luciferase reporter gene assay. γ-Mangostin induced the expression of the uncoupling protein-3 (UCP-3) gene which is related to energy expenditure and fat metabolism in L6 cells. We showed that γ-mangostin is a dual agonist that activates both PPARδ and PPARα. γ-Mangostin also induced the expression of acyl-CoA synthase and carnitine palmitoyl-transferase 1A genes in HepG2 cells. These results suggest the potential of γ-mangostin as a preventive agent of the metabolic syndrome.

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