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Agricultural and Biological Chemistry
Vol. 35 (1971) No. 8 P 1208-1215



Bioassy procedure to evaluate biologically available energy of chemicals applicable to rats was established, and available energy of 36 chemicals was determined and compared with that estimated by chicks previously. Rats can utilize energy of propionic and butyric acids and n-hexyl propionate and butyrate well, while chicks cannot. Succinic acid, lauryl alcohol and dilauryl succinate at 5.00 dietary level were available by rats, though at 10% level lauryl alcohol was toxic. Ethyl lactate, octyl and decyl acetates and 1, 2-propanediol dilaurate were available by both rats and chicks. Availability of other 6 esters including ethyl succinate and citrate was low. Availability and digestibility of aldehydes by rats were also low.

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