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Agricultural and Biological Chemistry
Vol. 39 (1975) No. 1 P 89-96



Microbial (enzymatic) hydrolysis of (±)-O-acetyl allethrolone gave (-)-(R)-allethrolone with (+)-(S)-O-acetyl allethrolone. And microbial hydrolysis of (±)-cis and trans-2-allylcyclopentyl acetates gave the low optically active cis and trans-2-allylcyclopentanols with the acetates of their antipodes. Also, the acetates of (±)-primary alcohols with cyclopropane and cyclohexene rings: (±)-chrysanthemyl alcohol, α-cyclogeraniol, were hydrolyzed by microorganisms to give the optically active alcohols in low optical purities Further, synthesis and microbial resolution of racemic hydroxy-trimethylcyclohexanones, useful intermediate for synthesis of compounds related to carotenoids, were tried.

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