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Agricultural and Biological Chemistry
Vol. 55 (1991) No. 6 P 1565-1571



An endo-β-(1→6)-D-galactanase has been purified 26-fold (14% activity yield) from a crude enzyme preparation from Aspevgillus niger. The enzyme was homogeneous on PAGE and SDS-PAGE, with an apparent molecular mass of 60 kDa. It has maximum activity at pH 3.5 on an enzymatically desarabinosylated grape 3, 6-galactan-protein (Gp), being unreactive towards the native grape AGp. The enzyme liberated β-(1→6)-D-galactobiose and galactose in a final 1:0.26 molar ratio, β-(1→3)-D-galactosidic bonds being resistant to the action of enzyme.

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