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Bioscience, Biotechnology, and Biochemistry
Vol. 60 (1996) No. 12 P 2086-2088



The antimutagenic effects of ajoene, which is an organosulfur compound derived from garlic, were investigated by the Ames test. Ajoene inhibited mutagenesis induced by both benzo[a]pyrene (B[a]P) and 4-nitro-1, 2-phenylenediamine (NPD) in a dose-dependent manner. In particular, NPD-induced mutagenesis was more effectively suppressed by ajoene than the B[a]P-induced type. Furthermore, the inhibition of mutagenesis by ajoene was more effective for transition-type mutations than for the frame shift type. HPLC analysis of B[a]P metabolism in the presence of the rat liver microsomal fraction (S-9) showed that ajoene dose-dependently inhibited the metabolic activation of B[a]P. This suggests that ajoene affected the metabolic enzymes in the S-9 fraction.

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