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Formation of the Oxanickelacyclopentene Complex from Nickel(0), Carbon Dioxide, and Alkyne. An ab initio MO/SD-CI Study
Shigeyoshi SakakiKazuya MineDaisaku TaguchiToru Arai
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1993 Volume 66 Issue 11 Pages 3289-3299


An ab initio MO/SD-CI study was carried out on the formation reaction of oxanickelacyclopentene, 1, from Ni(PH3), CO2, C2H2. Because C2H2 coordinates to Ni(PH3) more strongly than does CO2 by ca. 11 kcal mol−1 at the SD-CI level, coordination of C2H2 to Ni(PH3) takes place first. The resultant Ni(PH3)(C2H2) reacts with CO2 to yield 1 with no activation barrier and a significant exo-thermicity of 68 kcal mol−1 at the HF level, but a moderate barrier of 30 kcal mol −1 and exo-thermicity of 17 kcal mol−1 at the SD-CI level. 1 takes a three-coordinate T-shaped structure, due to the low-spin d8 electron configuration of Ni(II). Ni(PH3) stabilizes the transition state through a charge-transfer interaction from the occupied d orbital of Ni to the unoccupied π* orbitals of CO2 and C2H2. The electron re-distribution during the reaction is discussed, based on orbital mixing among the d orbital of Ni and the π and π* orbitals of C2H2 and CO2.

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