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Solvatochromism and Structure of Acetylacetonatocopper(II) Complexes with N,N′-Dipropyl-, N,N,N′,N′-Tetrapropyl-, and N,N- and N,N′-Diisopropylethylenediamines
Hiroshi MiyamaeHideyuki KudoGoro HiharaKozo Sone
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1998 Volume 71 Issue 11 Pages 2621-2627


Seven copper(II) complexes of the general formula [Cu(acac)(diam)]X were prepared, where acac and diam stand for acetylacetonate and one of the diamines in the title, and X for a bulky univalent anion, respectively. Their solvatochromism was compared with that of the corresponding complexes with N,N,N′,N′-tetramethylethylenediamine and related diamines, to see the effect of their bulky N-alkyl groups. X-ray crystal analyses showed that the perchlorates of N,N′- and N,N-diisopropyl complexes are apparently 6- and 5-coordinated, respectively, in their crystals, although their ClO4 ions are held extremely weakly and are easily driven out by solvent molecules in solution, leading to their solvatochromism. The Cu–N and Cu–O(acac) bond distances in the former, 199.5(4)/202.4(5) and 190.6(4)/190.1(4) pm, respectively, are similar to each other, while the Cu–N(isopropyl)2 distance, 206.4(9) pm, in the latter is notably longer than the Cu–NH2 distance, 196(1) pm.

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