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(η5-Cyclopentadienyl)(Halo or Acido)(Substituted 1-Methylthio-κS-ethylene-2-thiolato)cobalt(III): Formation, Stereoisomers, and Isomerization
Takaaki HaradaChikako TakayamaMasatsugu KajitaniToru SugiyamaTakeo AkiyamaAkira Sugimori
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1998 Volume 71 Issue 11 Pages 2645-2653


The addition of protic acids to (η5-cyclopentadienyl)(1-methylenethio)-κC,κS-ethylene-2-thiolato)cobalt(III) complexes (2) causes a Co–C bond cleavage in the three-membered cobaltathiirane ring to give (η5-cyclopentadienyl)(halo or acido)(1-methylthio-κS-ethylene-2-thiolato)cobalt(III) complexes (3). In the crystalline state, these complexes have either syn- or anti-configuration with respect to halo (or acido) and the methyl or substituted methyl group attached to S. In some cases, complexes 3 exist in equilibria between syn- and anti-stereoisomeric forms in solutions. In solutions, an exchange of the coordinated anions occurs very easily.

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