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Synthesis, Characterization and Spin-Crossover Behaviors of [Co(hydroxycarboxylato)(triphos)] Complexes
Mohammed EnamullahMiki HasegawaYutaka FukudaWolfgang LinertToshihiko Hoshi
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2002 Volume 75 Issue 11 Pages 2449-2453


2,2,2-Tris(diphenylphosphinomethyl)ethane (triphos) coordinates to Co(BF4)2·6H2O to synthesis the red-violet cationic complex of [Co(triphos)(solv)2]2+ (solv: solvent) in THF/EtOH at room temperature. Addition of 2-hydroxy-2-D-carboxylic acids (L) into the cationic solution as co-ligands yields the red-brown complexes of [Co(L-2-hydroxy-2-methylacetato)(triphos)] (I), (Co(D-2-hydroxy-2-phenylacetato)(triphos)] (II), (Co(L-2-hydroxy-2-phenylacetato)(triphos)] (III) and [Co(D-2-hydroxy-2-phenyl-2-methylacetato)(triphos)] (IV). The complexes are characterized by elemental analysis, IR-, UV-vis.-, NMR- and Mass-spectroscopy. All complexes are paramagnetic. Variable temperature studies on magnetic susceptibilities (χM) measurements show the spin-crossover behaviors of the complexes with ΔHsc = −5.3 to −6.8 kJ mol−1 and ΔSsc = −31 to −36 J mol−1 K−1 in methanol.

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