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Bulletin of the Chemical Society of Japan
Vol. 75 (2002) No. 5 P 1071-1074



The excited exciton (S2-exciton originating from the second-excited state of the molecules) was studied by real-time spectroscopy with 30-fs pulses. The ultrafast dynamics due to the S2–S1 internal conversion process were clearly observed in the pump–probe signal. The signal was modulated by the coherent molecular vibrations with 241 ± 4 cm-1 and 319 ± 4 cm-1 frequencies. The phase of the oscillation indicates that not only the ground state but also the excited state contribute to the oscillatory signal. The excited-state wave-packet motion was explained by dynamic intensity borrowing mechanism from the S2 ⇄ S0-transitions to the S1 ⇄ S0-transitions.

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