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Determination of Kanamycin Using Flow Injection Analysis Coupled with Resonance Rayleigh Scattering Detection
Xiaoli HuShaopu LiuZhongfang Liu
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2006 Volume 79 Issue 2 Pages 247-251


A flow injection analysis (FIA) method coupled with resonance Rayleigh scattering (RRS) detection for the determination of kanamycin sulfate (KANA) was developed. The method is based on the ion-association reaction of KANA with acid triphenylmethane dyes such as aniline blue W. S (AB) and methyl blue (MB) by virtue of electrostatic and hydrophobic interaction forces, which results in a significant enhancement of RRS intensity; their maximum scattering peaks are all at 346 nm. The optimum conditions of the reactions and the flow-through parameters including the length of reaction tubing, the flow rate of the carrier stream and the sample injection volume are discussed in this paper. Under the optimum experimental conditions, the linear ranges for both systems are 0.02–12.0 μg mL−1. The detection limits (3σ) are 4.2 ng mL−1 for the AB system and 5.0 ng mL−1 for the MB system and the relative standard deviation for 9 replicate measurements of 2.0 μg mL−1 KANA solution was 1.1%. The proposed method was successfully applied to the determination of KANA in commercial KANA injection, urine and serum samples, and the sample throughput was 30 h−1.

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