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Recyclable Pd-Incorporated Perovskite-Titanate Catalysts Synthesized in Molten Salts for the Liquid-Phase Oxidation of Alcohols with Molecular Oxygen
Indri Badria AdilinaTakayoshi HaraNobuyuki IchikuniNobuhiro KumadaShogo Shimazu
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2013 Volume 86 Issue 1 Pages 146-152


A series of Pd-incorporated titanate catalysts (Pd/KSTO) were synthesized by the intercalation of Pd(NO3)2 into layered potassium titanate (KTO), which proceeded via a cation-exchange reaction in molten salts. Perovskite phases of Pd/KSTO for catalysis were synthesized at 600 °C and above, whereas a lepidocrocite-type layered titanate structure, similar to that of the parent KTO, was retained when a lower temperature of 400 °C was used during synthesis. In both cases, the Pd species exists as divalent Pd. The synthesized Pd/KSTO catalysts were then applied to the liquid-phase oxidation of alcohols using molecular oxygen without any additives. The perovskite-type Pd/KSTO catalyst displayed superior activity when compared to that of the lepidocrocite-type, yielding a high turnover number of 800 in the aerobic oxidation of 1-phenylethanol with no loss of catalytic activity after three runs in catalyst recycling experiments.

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