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Total Oxidation of Toluene over Cu/TiO2/SiO2
Tetsuya NanbaTomohiro ChinoShoichi MasukawaJunko UchisawaAkira Obuchi
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2013 Volume 86 Issue 4 Pages 534-539


We investigated the total oxidation of toluene over Cu/MOx/SiO2 (M = metal) catalysts. Among the metal oxides used to modify the SiO2 support, TiO2 afforded the catalyst with the highest activity. The optimum Cu and TiO2 loadings were 3 and 10 wt %, respectively. Changes in the Cu loading had little influence on the activation energy of the toluene oxidation reaction. Cu/TiO2/SiO2 was more active than Cu/TiO2 because the Cu and TiO2 were more highly dispersed on the SiO2 support of the former. We characterized the Cu species by temperature-programmed reduction with NH3, which showed that in Cu/TiO2/SiO2, Cu2+ was reduced at a lower temperature and Cu+ at a higher temperature than in Cu/TiO2 or Cu/SiO2. That is, the TiO2-modified SiO2 was a good support for Cu because the modification widened the temperature range over which the Cu2+ Cu+ redox cycle occurred.

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