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New Ionic Plastic Crystals of NR4BEt3Me (R = Me and Et) and NRxR′4−xBEt3Me (R = Et, R′ = Me and Pr, x = 1–3) in a New Class of Plastic Crystals
Tomoyuki HayasakiSatoru HirakawaHisashi Honda
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2013 Volume 86 Issue 8 Pages 993-1001


New ionic plastic crystals of NR4BEt3Me (R = Me and Et) and NRxR′4−xBEt3Me (R = Et, R′ = Me and Pr, x = 1–3) were formed in a new region of plastic crystal. In this area, globular cations and anions are assembled by weak interactions. On the basis of our results of 1H and 13C NMR spectra and electrical conductivity measurements, we could conclude that isotropic reorientation and self-diffusion of globular cations and anions were detected in the crystal. X-ray diffraction (XRD) lines observed in RxR′4−xBEt3Me (R = Et, R′ = Me, x = 0–4) revealed a CsCl-type cubic crystal structure. Additionally, DSC spectra revealed that this new class of plastic crystals displays low phase-transition temperatures in the plastic phase and have high melting points. The former tendency is frequently detected in molecular plastic crystals while the latter is often found in ionic plastic crystals.

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