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New Layered Copper Hydroxide with S = 1/2 Two-Dimensional Triangular Lattice Magnetic Network, [Cu7(OH)12(CH3CH2CO2)2]·(CH3CH2CO2H)2·(H2O)6
Wataru FujitaKoichi Kikuchi
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2013 Volume 86 Issue 8 Pages 921-926


We have succeeded in preparing single crystals of the layered copper hydroxide [Cu7(OH)12(CH3CH2CO2)2]·(CH3CH2CO2H)2·(H2O)6 (1) through hydrolysis of a copper propionate solution. X-ray structure analysis showed that this material did not have the botallackite-type structure common in the layered copper hydroxide derivatives, but instead a two-dimensional distorted triangular lattice magnetic network of Cu(II) ions with S = 1/2 was formed. Magnetic measurements revealed dominance of antiferromagnetic interactions between neighboring Cu(II) ions in the copper hydroxide layer, and an antiferromagnetic ordering behavior around 3 K. We also discuss the structural and magnetic differences between 1 and related materials.

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