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Development of Direct Aromatic Coupling Reactions by Transition-Metal Catalysis
Masahiro MiuraTetsuya SatohKoji Hirano
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2014 Volume 87 Issue 7 Pages 751-764


Transition-metal-catalyzed aromatic cross-coupling reactions are highly useful for constructing various organic fine chemicals. The conventional methods, however, usually require the preactivation of aromatic substrates such as stoichiometric halogenation and metalation before the coupling event, which increases the steps leading to target molecules and yields inevitable salts as by-products. In order to cope with these problems, catalytic C–H transformation reactions on aromatic substrates have been one of the most intensive subjects in the area of catalytic organic synthesis. Summarized herein are our efforts for developing direct aromatic and heteroaromatic coupling reactions by using a number of transition metals as catalysts.

Transition-metal-catalyzed direct aromatic coupling reactions as the complementary methods of conventional cross-couplings have recently been significantly developed. Our efforts in the research area are summarized in this account. Fullsize Image
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