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Bulletin of the Chemical Society of Japan
Vol. 88 (2015) No. 4 P 578-583




Photochemical chlorination and oxygenation reaction of cyclohexene sensitized by gallium(III) porphyrin–clay hybrid compound was investigated. Gallium(III) porphyrin did not aggregate on the clay surface, and thus, maintained photoactivity for the photochemical reaction. Gallium(III) porphyrin without clay decomposed immediately in the photochemical reaction. On the other hand, gallium(III) porphyrin adsorbed on clay was more stable than that without clay during the photochemical reaction and the altered porphyrin on clay still had photocatalytic ability along with original porphyrin. It was suggested that gallium(III) porphyrin was protected by clay surface during the photochemical reaction. In addition, the efficiency for the photochemical chlorination and oxygenation reaction was kept even at high porphyrin adsorption densities on clay. These findings are beneficial to construct efficient and durable photochemical reaction systems.

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