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Kinetic Study and Optimization of Dehydration of Dimethyl Amino Ethyl Azide (DMAZ) Using Response Surface Methodology
Shahram Ghanbari PakdehiSaeed BabaeeHamid Reza Azizi
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2017 Volume 90 Issue 12 Pages 1325-1332


This research highlights the dehydration of dimethyl amino ethyl azide (DMAZ), parametric optimization, and describes equilibrium and kinetics of water adsorption on 3A sieves. Central composite design (CCD) was successfully employed for experimental design and analysis of the results. It was indicated that the optimum adsorption capacity (191.3 mg/g) was obtained at contact time = 150 min, liquid/solid ratio = 10:1, initial concentration of water = 3 wt% and agitating rate = 150 rpm. Langmuir-Freundlich and intra-particle diffusion models were appropriate to describe isotherms and kinetics of dehydration, respectively. Thermal stability and regeneration behavior of the adsorbent were investigated using XRD and TGA/DSC methods. It was revealed that the best regeneration occurred in the range of 250–300 °C and the zeolite structure was stable up to 400 °C. Also, the thermal analysis verified that DMAZ molecules cannot diffuse into the aforementioned zeolite pores.

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