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Photosensitized Luminescence of Highly Thermostable Mononuclear Eu(III) Complexes with π-Expanded β-Diketonate Ligands
Toru KoizukaMasanori YamamotoYuichi KitagawaTakayuki NakanishiKoji FushimiYasuchika Hasegawa
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2017 Volume 90 Issue 12 Pages 1287-1292


Thermostable mononuclear Eu(III) complexes with a π-expanded system, [Eu(btfa)3(DPEPO)] and [Eu(ntfa)3(DPEPO)] (DPEPO: bis[2-(diphenylphosphino)phenyl] ether oxide, btfa: benzoyltrifluoroacetonate, ntfa: 3-(2-naphthoyl)-1,1,1-trifluoroacetonate), are reported. Decomposition temperature (dp) of [Eu(btfa)3(DPEPO)] and that of [Eu(ntfa)3(DPEPO)] are estimated to be 320 °C and 318 °C, respectively. These values are higher than that of the previous [Eu(hfa)3(DPEPO)] (hfa: hexafluoroacetylacetonate, dp = 228 °C). The photosensitized emission quantum yield Φπ–π* and photosensitized energy transfer efficiency ηsens of [Eu(ntfa)3(DPEPO)] (Φπ–π* = 45%, ηsens = 77%) are larger than those of [Eu(btfa)3(DPEPO)] (Φπ–π* = 38%, ηsens = 55%). The thermostable Eu(III) complex with a π-expanded system is expected to be useful for fabrication of LED devices.

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