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Highly Atom Economical Molecular Transformation via Hetero-Nickelacycle
Sensuke Ogoshi
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2017 Volume 90 Issue 12 Pages 1401-1406


Nickel is one of the most popular first row transition metals for coupling reactions. For the past two decades, catalytic multi-component coupling reactions via nickelacycles have been developed. Although the formation of nickelacycles has been believed an important key step in the catalytic reactions, the generation of nickelacycles by oxidative cyclization has been less studied. Thus, we have been focusing on the formation of nickelacycles from nickel(0) species and development of catalytic reactions without using coupling reagents to construct highly atom economical nickel-catalyzed multi-component connecting reactions.

Catalytic reactions via nickelacycles generated by oxidative cyclization of unsaturated compounds with nickel(0) are discussed in this review. The correlation between the reactivity and molecular structure of nickelacycle intermediates is also a focus for deeper insight into the reaction mechanism. In addition, the revealing key reaction intermediates allow us to develop new reactions. Fullsize Image
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