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Construction of a New In(III)-Based Coordination Polymer for Selective Luminescent Detection of Cr2O72− and Anti-Bacterial Protective Effect on Staphylococcus Aureus Infection after Missed Abortion
Di WangBin ZhangLin-Fen XuLing-Na Huang
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2020 Volume 93 Issue 1 Pages 92-98


A new luminescent In(III)-based coordination polymer with the chemical formula of {[In(ipa)(H2O)](H2O)(CH3CN)2}n (1, H3ipa = 5-hydroxyisophthalate) has been successfully prepared via a solvothermal reaction of H3ipa and In(NO3)3·6H2O in CH3CN and DMF mixed solvent. The strong emission of 1 could be quenched efficiently by trace amounts of Cr2O72−, while other competing analogues show no such quenching effect, indicating complex 1 could be applied as an effective sensor for the detection of Cr2O72− in the solution. To solve the problem of bacterial infection after missed abortion, the protective effect of the compound in vivo was further explored. CFU detection was carried to evaluate the inhibitory effect of compound on bacterial numbers, and then ELISA was conducted to detect the level of IL-18 and IL-1β in the infectious tissues. The pharmacokinetic detection of the compound was also performed in SD rats. The results obtained from molecular docking and pose scoring software exhibited a possible binding mode of the compound binding to NFκB, which might provide potential regulation mechanisms for the compound.

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