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Impact of Morphology and Transition Metal Doping of Vanadate Nanowires without Surface Modification on the Performance of Aqueous Zinc-Ion Batteries
Mai Thanh NguyenTatsuki MuramatsuSoorathep KheawhomChularat WattanakitTetsu Yonezawa
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2022 年 95 巻 5 号 p. 728-734


This research evaluates the impact of nanowire morphology and transition-metal doping to vanadium oxides as the positive electrode material on the performance of rechargeable aqueous zinc-ion batteries. It was found that both the wire morphology and Cu doping enhanced the cycle stability and specific capacity of the cathode. The improvement is ascribed to the wire morphology and Cu doping for attaining more mechanical stability, less morphology change and fewer parasitic reactions, and more facile Zn2+ insertion/extraction.



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