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Studies on Luminescent Materials. Part 1. Theory of Zinc Sulphide-copper Crystal Phosphor
Yasuo Uehara
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1939 Volume 14 Issue 12 Pages 539-546


In this paper, the author has attempted to interpret the properties of the zinc sulphide-copper crystal phosphor from the view point of zone-theory.
(1) It was pointed out that the activation centre of zinc sulphide–copper phosphor consists of Cu ion surrounded by the ions of Zn and S.
(2) The transition of electron of Cu+ ion from the ground state 1S0 to the conduction band is responsible for the excitation bands of fluorescence.
(3) The two fluorescence bands with maxima at 5250 Å and 4550 Å in this phosphor may be correlated with the electronic transitions
^3D_3 & →^1S_0 (α-band),
^3D_2 & →^1S_0 (β-band),
(4) If the electron in the excited states of Cu+ ion absorbs heat energy, it makes a transition to the conduction band and be free to move in the phosphor, then the phosphor will show a phenomenon of the photoconduction.

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