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The Crystal Structure of Trinitrotriammine-cobalt (III), [Co(NH3)3(NO2)3]
Yoshimichi TanitoYoshihiko SaitoHisao Kuroya
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1952 Volume 25 Issue 3 Pages 188-191


The crystal structure of trinitrotriamminecobalt (III) prepared accoding to the method of Jörgensen has been studied by X-rays, using rotation methods (Fe Kα, λ=1.937 A.). This structure belongs to the orthorhombic system and the dimensions of the unit cell which contains four molecules of [Co(NH3)3(NO2)3] are a=10.20 A., b=11.77 A., and c=6.99 A. The space group is D24P212121. The cobalt atom is surrounded by six nitrogen atoms approximately in octahedral coordination. The shape and size of the nitro-groups are like those in Ag[Co(NH3)2(NO2)4]. Two of the nitrogroups are found to be (coordinated to) the cobalt atom in the trans-positions with respect to each other in conformity with the conclusion drawn from spectroscopic investigations.

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