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The Separation of Isotopes by Countercurrent Gaseous Exchange Column. II. Experimental Tests of the Theory
Kunihiko Kigoshi
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1953 Volume 26 Issue 6 Pages 311-316


The separation of carbon isotope C14 by the countercurrent gaseous exchange method has been studied using a hot wire type thermal diffusion column. The isotopic exchange reaction employed for the experiments was a reaction between carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide. The separation column was constructed with a water-jacketed glass tube of 150 cm. long and 12.7 mm. in diameter. An electrically heated platinum wire was placed at the center of the tube, and its temperature was measured by thermal expansion of the wire. The column was filled with carbon dioxide. A converter was put at the bottom of the column in order to reduce carbon dioxide to carbon monoxide. The concentration of C14 at the bottom of the column was measured by a Lauritsen type electrometer. The over-all separations at the equilibrium states were observed for the various filament temperatures between 570 and 1170°C. The dependence of over-all separation on the filament temperature and initial isotopic transports were in reasonable agneement witd theoretical estimates.

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