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Theoretical Study on the Polarographic Limiting Currents. I. Revised Equation for the Diffusion Currents
Hiroaki Matsuda
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1953 Volume 26 Issue 6 Pages 342-348


In order to integrate the MacGillavry-Rideal differential equation, representing the diffusion process at the dropping mercury electrode, the present author employed the von Kárman-Pohlhausen method. Thus the following revised expression of the Ilkovic equation showing the mean diffusion current is derived, in which the shielding effect due to the capillary tube is also treated theoretically.
\bari_d=608 n^*CD^1/2m^2/3τ^1/6{1+20.6(D^1/2m^-1/3τ^1/6)+49.0(D^1/2m^-1/3τ^1/6)^2-···}
The analogous treatment is also applied to the case of amalgam polarography, and the following equation for the mean diffusion current is obtained.
\bari_d=-608 n^*C_MD_M^1/2m^2/3τ^1/6×{1-30.5(D_M^1/2m^-/3τ^1/6)+155(D_M^1/2m^-1/3τ^1/6)^2-···}

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