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Studies on Extraction of Polonium(IV) by Hexone from Acid Solution
Niro MatsuuraAkira OuchiMasuo Kojima
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1961 Volume 34 Issue 3 Pages 411-416


The ionic state of polonium(IV) in hydrochloric and sulfuric acid solution was studied by the solvent extraction with hexone (methyl isobutyl ketone).
1) The polonium solution stored in 0.4 N nitric acid is strongly hydrolysed by aging. The low extraction coefficient caused by hydrolysis became higher by heating the polonium solution in stronger nitric acid. On the other hand, the polonium stored in 6 N nitric acid can be extracted with constant extraction coefficient, about 80%, through the entire acidity range from 1 to 6 N., if the extraction was carried out without any aging.
2) The aging effect of polonium(IV) in hydrochloric acid is rather complicated. A minimum extraction appeared in the acidity range near 2 N hydrochloric acid. By applying mass action law the probable form of polonium(IV) in that range was Po(OH)2Cl42− or PoO2+, assuming that PoCl62− was the stable form of polonium(IV) in 6 N hydrochloric acid which is readily soluble in hexone.
3) Almost no polonium(IV) was extracted by hexone from sulfuric acid solution. Here, the polonium(IV) in sulfuric acid exists probably as PoO2+ rather than as PoO32−.

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