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Neutron and γ-Irradiation of Propionamide
Enz\={o} TachikawaGen-ichi Tsuchihashi
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1961 Volume 34 Issue 6 Pages 770-774


Two methylation reactions of propionamide by 14C-hot atom, and of methyl radical from 60Co γ-ray irradiation and methylation reaction of propionic acid by methyl radical from thermal decomposition of acetyl peroxide were carried out and the reactivities of these species were studied. The methyl radical produced by 60Co γ-ray irradiation of propionamide gave the 3:2 mixture of butyr- and isobutyramide. This ratio agrees with the activity distribution of butyr- and isobutyramide in the neutron irradiation of propionamide. On the other hand the methyl radical produced by the thermal decomposition of acetyl peroxide in propionic acid gave 1:2 mixture of butyric and isobutyric acid. From the above results the reactions in the γ-ray irradiation are considered to be high reaction of acetyl peroxide in propionic acid is considered to be a free radical reaction.

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