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Studies on Metal Complex Species Using an Anion Exchange Resin, I. Derivation of Equations and Application to Mercury (II)-Nitrate Complex
Hirohiko Waki
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1961 Volume 34 Issue 6 Pages 829-834


1) The equations for determining the composition of a metal complex using an anion exchange resin have been derived by considering the complex formation equilibria in both the resin phase and the solution phase.
2) The method based on these equations was successfully applied to the investigation of mercury (II)-nitrate complex at various external nitrate concentrations by means of the sodium nitrate-sodium perchlorate mixed solution.
3) Mercury (II) adsorbed from a sodium nitrate solution exists in the form of Hg(NO3)3 at the external nitrate concentration of 0.5∼1 M, Hg(NO3)42− at 3∼5 M and a mixture of Hg(NO3)3 and Hg(NO3)42− at the middle of these concentrations, though no anionic complex appears to be present in an ordinary nitrate solution.

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