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Theory on the Light Scattering of High Polymer Solutions Considering the Anisotropy of Segments
Masayuki Nakagaki
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1961 Volume 34 Issue 6 Pages 834-839


The anomaly of the angular dependency of the reduced scattering intensity in the Zimm plot for infinitely dilute solution was discussed for the solutions of high polymer molecules having anisotropical segments, and the theoretical relationship between KcRu(θ) and θ was derived. The equation had the same form for both intrinsic anisotropy and form aniso-tropy. In the latter case, the axial ratio of the spheroid of excess polarizability was concluded to be not equal to the axial ratio of the segment. Moreover, the correction factor for the molecular weight was derived.
Applying these theoretical equations to the experimental data by Ehrlich and Doty on the solution of copolymer of methacrylic acid and 2-dirnethylaminoethyl methacrylate, it was shown that the anomalies of the Zimm plot could be explained by assuming that the segments have intrinsic anisotropy.
It was also suggested that the scattering ratio is a good criterion to see whether the anomaly is actually due to the anisotropy of segments or not.

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