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Physicochemical Studies on Cobalt Salts of Higher Fatty Acids. VII. Effects of Solvents on Cobalt Soaps. Solubilities and Color Changes of Cobalt Soaps in Solvents, and Adsorption of Water Vapor on Cobalt Soaps
Hirotaro Kambe
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1962 Volume 35 Issue 2 Pages 265-268


The effects of various solvents on cobalt soaps were investigated. The solubility of cobalt soap was low in general. In pyridine and bromoform, it showed a considerable value. In a hot state, several solvents dissolved cobalt soaps fairly well. In some solvents, jellies were obtained on cooling. In other solvents, the color changed to a dirty yellow. Absorption spectra showed that the absorption maxima in these solutions were displaced for a shorter wavelength. This means that a change of the electronic configuration occurred.
Adsorption of water vapor on cobalt soaps was measured. Red dihydrate seemed to adsorb much more water vapor than blue anhydrate.

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