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The Kinetics of Substitution Reactions Involving Metal Complexes. VII. Effect of Acetate Ions on the Reaction between Lead(II) and Zinc-Ethylenediaminetetraacetate Complexes
Nobuyuki TanakaHiroshi Ogino
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1963 Volume 36 Issue 2 Pages 175-178


The effect of acetate ions on the substitution reaction between lead (II) and zinc-EDTA complexes has been investigated. The reaction was treated as to proceed through both hydrated metal ions and monoacetato complexes, and the rate equation was derived. The rate constants for six elementary reactions of which three involve the hydrated lead (II) ion and the others involve the monoacetatolead-(II) complex were determined at ionic strength 0.2 at 25.0°C. The values indicate that all the reactions proceeding through hydrated lead ions are faster than the corresponding reactions through monoacetato lead complexes. The results also suggest that the rate of the reaction through diacetatolead(II) complexes is much slower than those of the reactions through hydrated ions and monoacetato complexes.

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