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The Activation Energy of Bromine Absorption by Carbonaceous Materials
Takashi MukaiboYoichi Takahashi
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1963 Volume 36 Issue 6 Pages 625-629


In the present paper, the temperature dependence of the rate of bromine absorption by the carbonaceous materials has been studied. The apparent energies of activation of the reaction have been found to be 5∼7 kcal./mol. and had a dependence upon the degree of graphitization of carbonaceous materials. The value of the activation energy became smaller with an increase in the degree of graphitization. The results indicate that the mobilities of reactant molecules of the interlamellar compounds increase with the growth of the net plane of graphite crystals.
The saturation concentration of bromine in carbonaceous materials, under a saturated vapor pressure of bromine, was found to decrease with an increase in the temperature at temperatures above 30°C.

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