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The Crystal Structure of Ethylenediammonium Chloride
Tamaichi AshidaSakutaro Hirokawa
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1963 Volume 36 Issue 6 Pages 704-707


The crystal structure of ethylenediammonium chloride has been determined. The crystal belongs to the monoclinic system with a=9.95, b=6.89, c=4.42Å and β=90.7°; the space group is P21/a. The unit cell contains two ethylenediammonium ions and four chloride ions. The ethylenediammonium ion occupies a center of symmetry and takes a transform; thus, the ethylenediammonium ion was found to be either a trans- or a gauche-form in the crystals, depending on the structures of the crystals. The bond distances and angles of the ethylenediammonium ion are: C–C 1.53, C–N 1.49Å and <CCN 109.8°. Three N–H…Cl hydrogen bonds (3.20, 3.22 and 3.14Å) make two-dimensional networks of the ions perpendicular to the c axis.

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