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Some Reactions of Mercuridiacetaldehyde
Shunsuke MurahashiShun’ichi NozakuraSaburo Fuji
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1965 Volume 38 Issue 11 Pages 1840-1844


Mercuridiacetaldehyde is soluble in polar solvents and rather instable in the state of solution, yielding an insoluble and infusible substance. The decomposition reaction has been proved to include the formation of mercuri(I)-acetaldehyde Hg2(CH2CHO)2 by the cleavage of one of the Hg–C bonds. On the other hand, mercuridiacetaldehyde reacted with aldehyde reagents as usual aldehydes. The change in the infrared spectra on these reactions has been interpreted in terms of σ-π conjugation, as has been suggested previously by Nesmeyanov.
Nef’s compound, which is considered to be a mercuric salt of vinyl alcohol, has been found to be almost identical with the mercuri-(I)-acetaldehyde.

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